Brittany Lee Moffitt is a songwriter from the Midwest with a captivating, powerful, soul-piercing voice. Moffitt's current EP, "Acceptance" (December 2014), is a wild rollercoaster ride into uninhibited self-examination, tackling anxieties about trust, spiritual growth, and recovery from alcoholism, with vocals that aim for the rafters, manic and serene. Artists like Kimbra, Regina Spektor, or Bjork come to mind, but Moffitt's sheer energy and sweeping emotional delivery transcend boxing her in solely with other female artists (Jeff Buckley or Mike Patton are also worthy touchstones). Moffitt's musical influences are as worldly as her experience as a touring artist - having performed in Mexico, Canada, Germany, and Hawaii. Moffitt is currently working on her first full-length debut to be released in the summer of 2020.

Brittany Lee Moffitt has opened for Genevieve (Company of Thieves), played Shubas in Chicago and Riverlights Music Festival of South Bend, and has been featured in the Chicago Reader, the South Bend Tribune, and The Deli Magazine (NYC and Chicago). 

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